Celebrating french gastronomie around the world 

Waiting for next event in March'18

Our involvement in the 3rd edition of Goût de / Good France

held on March 21st 2017

More than 2,500 registered chefs, and us.

See you next year.




The 2016 edition of Goût de / Good France was a resounding success: more than 1.700 chefs participated in this major event, in 150 countries across five continents. The 2017 edition is looking most auspicious and we are more than pleased to invite you to join us.

Goût de / Good France is the joyous celebration of the vitality of French cuisine. It is a hyphen between chefs of the world. It is also a true message of peace: Goût de France creates a dialogue within different cultures by providing them with a common language, that of French cuisine.


All restaurants styles are welcome, from Haute Cuisine to the quality Bistro. Each restaurateur will freely interpret his own version of a French menu, using his local and seasonal produce. Each menu will showcase a more responsible cuisine, more respectful of the planet's resources and of the diners' health. 


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Château Saint Louis 2015 - Provence – Rosé (100ml)


Trio d’entrées

Frogs legs in garlic, Languedoc  Bouquerons (small bait fish) on provençal toast,

Salade Frisée aux Lardons

Costières de Nimes 2015 – Château Vessière, Rhone (100ml)



Cassoulet de Carcassonne, with Confit of Duck, Toulouse Sausage, Pork Belly

Dourthe No 1 Rouge 2013 Bordeaux Supérieur (100ml)



Trio of refined french cheeses,

Julienas 2011 - Domaine de la Conseillère – Côte de Rhône (100ml)


Trio desserts

Crèpe Suzette, Pot de Chocolat, Madeleine à la Fraise

Banyuls 2015 - Domaine de La Rectorie, France (75ml)

£ 55

(A donation de £5 per person to the Scarborough RNLI is included) 

Our own classic wine list is also available

All above wines are also available to buy apart for a one off special price of

5.00 (175 ml) 13.95 (500ml) or £19.95 Bottle (75cl)

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