Celebrating french gastronomie around the world 

Our involvement in the 4th edition of Goût de / Good France

held on March 21st 2017

More than 2,500 registered chefs, and us

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The 2017 edition of Goût de / Good France was a resounding success: more than 1.700 chefs participated in this major event, in 150 countries across five continents. The 2018 edition is looking most auspiciou. 

Goût de / Good France is the joyous celebration of the vitality of French cuisine. It is a hyphen between chefs of the world. It is also a true message of peace: Goût de France creates a dialogue within different cultures by providing them with a common language, that of French cuisine.


All restaurants styles are welcome, from Haute Cuisine to the quality Bistro. Each restaurateur will freely interpret his own version of a French menu, using his local and seasonal produce. Each menu will showcase a more responsible cuisine, more respectful of the planet's resources and of the diners' health. 

                                                          Last year's menu


Château Saint Louis 2015 - Provence – Rosé (100ml)


Trio d’entrées

Frogs legs in garlic, Languedoc  Bouquerons (small bait fish) on provençal toast,

Salade Frisée aux Lardons

Costières de Nimes 2015 – Château Vessière, Rhone (100ml)



Cassoulet de Carcassonne, with Confit of Duck, Toulouse Sausage, Pork Belly

Dourthe No 1 Rouge 2013 Bordeaux Supérieur (100ml)



Trio of refined french cheeses,

Julienas 2011 - Domaine de la Conseillère – Côte de Rhône (100ml)


Trio desserts

Crèpe Suzette, Pot de Chocolat, Madeleine à la Fraise

Banyuls 2015 - Domaine de La Rectorie, France (75ml)

£ 55

(A donation de £5 per person to the Scarborough RNLI is included) 

Our own classic wine list is also available

All above wines are also available to buy apart for a one off special price of

5.00 (175 ml) 13.95 (500ml) or £19.95 Bottle (75cl)

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