Sunday's @Lazenby's

Champagne Brunch Exclusive  To Scarborough

Steak & Seafood Sunday, enjoy a Lazy Lazenby's Lunch 

from 12pm sunday 9th June  

&  14th July   18th August more dates soon


Next dates for Brunch

2nd June / 7th July / 4th August & more

from 11 am for £ 27.95 

You won't find anything like this around these parts !!

Every first Sunday of each month* Lazenby's invites you to our famous Sunday Champagne Brunch. 


Upon entering you'll be greeted with a glass of Champagne,

help yourself to our extensive brunch buffet: Smoked Salmon, Fresh fruits, Cereals, Juices, Croissants, Pains au Chocolat, Cold meats etc. 

Then a brunch dish served at the table, and to finish off 2 Classic American Pancakes with maple syrup and coffee.

Choice of brunch dish: Full english breakfast OR Salmon poached egg Hollandaise OR brunch burger OR Steak & Eggs OR Shrimp avocado toast

Other options without champagne possible: Gin, wine, beer, oysters, Bloody Mary...


Reservations are necessary.  01723 373836

* Dates can change at School holiday time. Please check the dates noted

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